The Fairfield County Port Authority promotes Fairfield County, forming relationships to foster economic growth and utilizing available tools to help finance economic development projects.

By utilizing public-private partnerships, the Fairfield County Port Authority is used to finance projects in creative ways.

The Port Authority is capable of owning, leasing, and selling real and personal property; issue revenue bonds for Port Authority facilities and other permanent improvements.

Bond Financing Alternatives and Financial Institutions Placement Transactions
The Port Authority and its finance capabilities provide access to the capital markets for a borrower by issuing bonds and lending the bond proceeds to the borrower.

By partnering with banks and other lenders, the Port Authority provides companies access to tax-exempt bond markets.

The Port Authority is not required to pay certain state and local taxes on construction materials used for a project owned by the Port Authority. The transfer and leasing arrangements can be utilized to allow a private business to share the benefit of the sales tax exemption.


Community Reinvestment Areas (CRA)
Rockmill Industrial Park in Lancaster, OH and Canal Pointe Industrial and Commerce Park in Canal Winchester offer Pre-1994 CRA’s, which provide 100%/15 year real property tax abatement for improvements as long as investment is at least $250,000.
View Lancaster’s CRA's
View Canal Winchester’s CRA's

Enterprise Zone
Fairfield County offers the potential for  60 %-100% real property tax abatement for projects that meet certain criteria.
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Workforce Development Training Grants
The Workforce Development Training Grant (WDTG) may be used as an incentive to attract new jobs or expand jobs with existing companies by offsetting the cost of training new or current employees. It would be structured as a reimbursable program, for a specific dollar amount, spread over a certain number of years.
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Rock Mill Industrial Park and Canal Pointe Industry & Commerce Park are shovel-ready certified development sites. By meeting strict standards in ownership, property, transportation, utility, community and environmental issues, these sites are ready for immediate development. 
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Fairfield County provides an abundance of opportunity for growth and it all begins with the location of your choosing that will best suit your organization’s specific needs. The county offers Industrial, Office, Retail, Land, Multi-Unit Housing, and Special Use properties.
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Fairfield County Port Authority Rules and Regulations as Amended 3-18-15.

Audit Committee Charter
Capital Assets Policy
Conflicts of Interest & Ethics Policy
Internal Controls Policy
Investment Policy
Media Interviews Policy
Public Comment Policy
Reimbursement Policy

Resolution No. 2012-01
  Resolution Adopting Rules and Regulations
Resolution No. 2015-02
  Budget Resolution
Resolution No. 2015-03
  Resolution Appointing the Executive Director
Resolution No. 2015-04
  Resolution Authorizing Procurement of Office Supplies
Resolution No. 2015-05
  Resolution Authorizing Engagement of Legal  Counsel
Resolution No. 2015-06
  Resolution Authorizing Insurance Procurement
Resolution No. 2015-07
  Resolution Adopting Public Records Policy and Records Retention Schedule
Resolution No. 2015-08 - Retention
  Resolution Adopting Port Authority Policies
Resolution No. 2015-08
  Resolution Amending the Rules and Regulations
Resolution No. 2015-09
  Resolution Establishing Audit Committee
Resolution No. 2015-10
  Resolution Establishing Audit Committee
Resolution No. 2015-11
  Resolution Establishing Land Bank Relationship
Resolution No. 2015-12
  Resolution Establishing Land Bank Relationship