Only public information is permitted to be posted by and/or or Fairfield County Ohio employees on Fairfield County Ohio social media websites. If communication that takes place on, involves or requires private information, communication will be redirected through other appropriate channels. Postings from the public on and/or social media sites become public record and may be posted on and/or

No personally identifiable information will be posted on Fairfield County Ohio social media sites by and/or personnel. Fairfield County Ohio Commissioners is not responsible for content posted by others to and/or social media sites. and/or users that enter personal information on and/or social media sites do so at their own risk; and/or is not responsible for the public display of such private information. Fairfield County Commissioners may remove postings to its social media sites that contain personally identifiable information, but neither and/or, nor its licensors or contractors are responsible for any damages caused by delays in such removal.

TERMS OF SERVICE and/or social media sites are third party sites and have terms of service and policies that are not governed by and/or or the Fairfield County Commissioners. These third party sites are not official and/or web sites and the third party’s website terms of service and policies apply. The terms of service for the social media sites used by and/or can be found below:


All published and/or social media content is subject to monitoring.

This content may take the form of digital text for Twitter, Facebook, and photography images for marketing.
User-generated posts will be rejected or removed if possible when the content of a post:
is off-subject or out of context
contains obscenity or material that appeals to the prurient interest
contains personal identifying information or sensitive personal information
contains offensive terms that target protected classes
is threatening, harassing or discriminatory
incites or promotes violence or illegal activities
contains information that reasonably could compromise public safety
advertises or promotes a commercial product or service, or any entity or individual
promotes or endorses political campaigns or candidates


Accessibility: To accommodate and/or users with disabilities, is the suggested alternative access to the and/or Twitter profile.


Accessibility: To accommodate and/or users with disabilities, there are two suggested alternatives to access the and/or Facebook Fan page:
The Facebook mobile site is a suggested accessible alternative to the original and/or Facebook page.