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scam alert ad
The Fairfield County Court of Common Pleas has become aware of a telephone scam targeting Fairfield County residents. The caller represents that he is a deputy with the county, and that the resident has warrants out for his/her arrest for failing to appear for jury duty and for contempt of court. The caller then informs residents that if they pay a certain amount of money, these charges will be dropped. THIS IS A SCAM AND IS NOT AN OFFICIAL REQUEST FROM THE COURT OR THE COUNTY. Residents should not send the money requested, nor give the caller any personal information. If a resident has questions about the legitimacy of any juror-related issue, they should contact the Common Pleas Court Jury Manager at 740-652-7433.
It is the mission of the Fairfield County Common Pleas Court to resolve disputes efficiently, administer justice fairly, and treat all who come before it with integrity and respect.