The Fairfield County Common Pleas Court, General Division currently employs 2 Judges, 1 Magistrate/Court Administrator, 2 Staff Attorneys/Bailiffs, 3 Assignment Commissioners, 1 Judicial Assistant, and 1 Court Services Coordinator.  The Court also oversees the Adult Community Control Department, which consists of 1 Director/Chief Probation Officer, 10 Community Control Officers, 1 Bond Officer, 1 Pre-Sentence Investigator, and 1 Pretrial Services Coordinator.

Two Judges preside over the General Division of the Common Pleas Court.  Judge Richard E. Berens and Judge David A. Trimmer were each elected by the citizens of Fairfield County to administer justice and oversee the functions of the Court.

The Judges have also appointed one Magistrate, who has the authority to preside over certain proceedings such as arraignments, probable cause hearings, garnishments, pretrials, and civil stalking protection order cases.  Magistrate Joshua Horacek also serves as the Court Administrator (see below).

The Court Administrator’s principal role is to facilitate the administrative functions of the Court.  Implementing process changes, overseeing the Court’s annual budget, and managing long-term projects are a few of the Court Administrator’s responsibilities.  Magistrate and Court Administrator Joshua Horacek can be contacted at

The Judge’s Staff Attorney / Bailiff performs legal research and prepares draft entries for the Judges to review. They also ensure the Court’s docket runs efficiently on a daily basis.  Judge Berens’ Bailiff Oliver Raker can be contacted at 740-652-7432 or  Judge Trimmer’s Staff Attorney / Paralegal Kelly Munn can be contacted at 740-652-7430 or

The Judge’s Assignment Commissioner schedules all pretrials, trials, and any other case-related matter on the Court’s calendar.  Judge Berens’ Assignment Commissioner Misty Conkle can be contacted at 740-652-7431 or  Judge Trimmer’s Assignment Commissioner Mindy Berger can be contacted at 740-652-7427 or

The Judge’s Judicial Assistant prepares notices, assists the public, and helps the Judge or Magistrate with their respective duties as requested. Judge Berens’ Judicial Assistant Traci Dresbach can be contacted at 740-652-7435 or  Magistrate Horacek’s Judicial Assistant Brian Wolfe can be contacted at 740-652-7434 or

The Court Services Coordinator oversees all jury, notary, and transcript requests.  Court Services Coordinator Kelly Starkey may be contacted at 740-652-7433 or

For more information about the Community Control Department (commonly known as the “Probation Department”).