Fairfield County has very diverse land use, from suburban development in the northwest, major cities and villages, and low density single-family and agricultural uses in many townships, as well as the foothills of Appalachia in the southeast. It is the fourth fastest growing county in Ohio; with an 8.7% population increase between 2010 and 2020.


Job growth continues, with companies such as Magna International and Google, health care has been expanding, and new distribution centers can be found or are under construction in Canal Winchester and Violet Township. And Intel is entering the region, constructing chip manufacturing facilities with a potential investment of $100 billion, rivaling Honda’s presence in the state.


There is a housing gap in the county that is necessary for supporting new jobs and addressing the housing needs of current residents. This is an opportune time for Fairfield County and the  local jurisdictions to jointly consider strategies to proactively manage growth and change.


The 2023 amendment to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan has the following goals:


  • Integrate a new Economic Development Strategic Plan into the document.
  • Update the future land use map.
  • Identify growth areas.
  • Prioritize locations for economic development.
  • Prioritize locations for housing to attract and supporting a growing employment base.