Auditor’s Office Mission

To perform statutory duties of the County Auditor with excellence, integrity, and innovation while embracing outstanding internal and external customer service to continuously improve county government.

David Burgei
David Burgei
Real Estate Assessment Director

David Miller
Financial Systems Director

Financial Systems
Payroll Systems Management
As a centralized point for responsive information about payroll and related Auditor’s Office systems, the purpose of Payroll Systems Management is to deliver exceptional customer service by ensuring employees are paid according to approved payroll schedules in compliance with regulations and policy while sustaining effective systems, data, records, reports, and relationships.
Michelle Wright
Payroll Systems Trainer

Financial Systems/Annual Comprehensive Financial Report Management
The purpose of the Financial Systems/ACFR Management team is to provide superior customer service to the county and vendors by preparing award-winning financial reports and disbursing funds in an accurate, timely, reliable, and technologically-proficient manner while complying with regulations and policy.
Bev Anders
Administrative Assistant

Meagen Bowland
Budgetary Specialist

Lori Hampshire
Lead Budgetary Specialist

Settlements and Administration
The Settlements and Administration team calculates tax settlements for public entities; organizes data for tax exemptions, tax budgets, special assessments, and levies; processes multiple licenses and homestead exemptions; and provides courteous administrative support with purpose, integrity, gratitude, and efficiency.
Rachel Enmen
Settlements & Administration Clerk

Jennifer Harmon
Settlements & Administration Clerk

Weights and Measures Inspection
Connecting with multiple departments and businesses, Weights and Measures provides equity in the marketplace by testing and inspecting weighing and measuring devices and ensuring appropriate commercial practices are in place.
Real Estate Assement
Map Room Management
Coordinating with the County Engineer and other leaders, the Map Room team reviews and researches surveys, deeds, and legal descriptions of property for compliance with established conveyance standards while maintaining more than 1,200 tax maps and 71,600 parcel records.
Geographical Information System
With efficiency and accuracy, GIS manages and organizes spatial and tabular datasets while developing accessible applications for the distribution, utilization, and integration of GIS technology for public entities and citizens of Fairfield County.
Board of Revision Administration
With expertise in codified processes, the BOR hears complaints on the market value of property and adjusts values as of the tax lien date when justified by evidence presented during the hearings.
Linda A. O’Toole, Esq.
Linda A. O’Toole, Esq.
Board of Revision Administrator

Real Estate Management
With fairness and equity, the Real Estate team transfers and appraises real property and also administers state programs for owners of agricultural properties to receive tax savings.