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Ohio's Homestead Exemption Program

Approximately 8,500 homeowners in Fairfield County are enrolled in the Homestead Exemption Program.  For 2022, the annual savings for the regular Homestead Exception participants was $362.29 with Veteran Homestead participants saving an average of $777.25.



Homestead Exemption Program

The Homestead Exemption Program provides a reduction in property taxes for eligible senior citizens or a person with a permanent total disability who own a home.  It exempts from taxation, the first $25,000 of the home’s market value.

Eligibility to Enroll

  •   You must own and occupy your home as of January 1; and
  •   You must be at least 65 years old OR be permanently and totally disabled. (A letter from an eligible state or federal agenda station the date your were declared disabled must be submitted with the application OR submit form 105E with your application if your physician has certified your disability.


New applicants are subject to an income test for eligibility in the Homestead Program.  Total income is defined as modified adjusted gross income, which is comprised of Ohio adjusted gross income plus any business income deducted on Schedule A, line 11 of your Ohio IT 1040. Total income is that of the owner and the owner’s spouse.


Income Limits

  • Current Application (file year 2023): $36,100
  • Late Application (file year 2022): $34,600


Veteran Homestead Exemption

The Veteran Homestead Exemption provides a reduction in property tax to eligible disabled veterans, or a surviving spouse, on the dwelling and up to one acre of land that is that individual’s principal place of residence.  It exempts from taxation the first $50,000 of their home’s market value.


In order to qualify for the exemption, you must be a veteran of the armed forces of the United States, including reserve components thereof, or of the National Guard, who has been discharged or releases from active duty under honorable conditions, and who has received a total disability rating (100%) or a total disability rating for compensation (100%) based on individual unemployability, for a service-connected disability or combination of service-connected disabilities.



To be eligible to enroll in the program, you must:

  • Have been discharged or released from active duty;
  • Be determined to have a total service-related disability or be receiving compensation for a service-related disability at a level of 100% following determination of individual unemployability by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs or its predecessor or successor, or be a surviving spouse, and submit a copy of your VA disability letter;
  • Have been discharged or released under honorable conditions (you will need to provide a copy of your DD214); and
  • Own and have occupied your home as your principal place of residence on January 1st.


If you have any questions, please call our Settlements & Administrative Office at (740) 652-7020.


Submit Completed Applications to:

Fairfield County Auditor

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