Strategic Plan

The mission of the Fairfield County Auditor’s Office is to perform statutory duties with excellence, integrity, and innovation while embracing outstanding internal and external customer service to continuously improve county government.

The County Auditor’s strategic plan defines the strategies of the office to meet the mission.  The plan outlines decisions on allocating resources to pursue the strategies, and the plan is updated monthly.

The strategic plan has been updated for new information obtained and activities conducted.

Following our annual planning retreat, we have updated our strategic plan.  The strategic plan reflects priorities aligned with organizational values and the departmental mission.  It will continue to be updated as more information is known and as strategic activities are implemented with our stakeholders.  We have asked for input and feedback in multiple ways and will continue the planning and updating.  Please take a moment to read the summaries – even if you are not able to read the full plan.

County Auditor Strategic Plan 
(April 17, 2024)

There are five strategic themes:

  • Provide Supervisory Support & Coaching Opportunities for Team Members
  • Update Financial and REA Processes to Add Value
  • Focus on Strengths & Customer Service
  • Improve Communication and Outreach
  • Improve Use of Technology and Records Management Processes

For more information about how the County Auditor’s Strategic Plan is aligned with the Commissioners’ Strategic Report,
contact Dr. Carri Brown at