• Prior to any excavation in the road right-of-way, the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) must be contacted in accordance with ORC Section 3781.25 to 3781.32.  OUPS can be reached at 1-800-362-2764.


  • Anything considered a road hazard, in accordance with the Fairfield County Engineer’s Office Road Hazard Policy, is not permitted within the preferred clear zones established by this policy.  Preferred clear zone widths vary from 9 feet to 14 feet from edge of pavement, depending on the County Road Classification.  Any road hazard, including poles, lines, vent pipes, etc., installed within the right-of-way must be delineated on a set of plans accompanying the permit application, with the offset from centerline to each object clearly marked.


  • There shall be no overnight parking of any equipment, materials, items, etc. within 10 feet of edge of pavement.


  • Nothing shall be permanently installed within 3 feet of the centerline of any ditch or waterway or between the edge of pavement and the centerline of the road ditch except County Engineer approved culvert pipes or ditch enclosures.


  • Driveway Requirements (one permanent drive per parcel permitted)
  • A separate permit is required from the Fairfield County Engineer’s Office for the installation of each temporary or permanent drive.  For a new drive, a copy of the Deed or Access Easement for the property being accessed shall be supplied with the permit application.  Commercial drives may require a traffic study as determined by the Fairfield County Engineer.
  • Driveways forcing vehicles to back out onto the public highway shall not be permitted.  Safe sight distance shall be checked, during County sight visit, for conformance with minimum standards.  If adequate sight distance is not available, a drive may not be permitted.
  • The elevation of the drive where it abuts the road shall be constructed ½ inch below the edge of the existing road and then sloped away from the road per the enclosed Driveway Detail.  This is to ensure that no water from the drive is forced onto the road.   
  • Driveway culvert type, size, and length will be established during County site visit and specified in the permit.  Driveway culvert pipes will be a minimum of 12 inches in diameter. Residential drive pipes shall generally be a minimum of 30 feet long and a maximum of 32 feet long.  Commercial drive pipes generally will be 40 feet long.


  • All work requiring personnel or vehicles within county road right-of-way shall comply with all applicable requirements of the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and Item 614 (Maintaining Traffic) of the Construction and Materials Specifications, latest editions.  Road closures will NOT be permitted unless a separate permit is issued and public advanced notice is arranged.


  • Any disturbed areas shall be restored to an equal or better condition.  Any disturbed road side ditches or waterways shall be restored to original grade within 14 days from completion of project.