The principal duties of the Fairfield County Engineer include the responsibility for all maintenance, repair, widening, resurfacing, traffic control, mowing, and snow removal of the 363+ miles of County Roads.  The County Engineer is also responsible for the maintenance, inspection, and replacement of 342 bridges on County Roads as well as those on Township Roads in all unincorporated areas of the County.  Additionally, the County Engineer is charged with the responsibility for certain bridges within municipalities. Annual inspections are conducted and specific bridge condition reporting is required for each structure.  Also, there are more than 2200 culverts on the county inventory which the Engineer must maintain, repair, or replace.
The County Engineer acts, when requested, as engineering advisor to the Township Trustees for maintenance of their roads.  In fact, he works with the Township Trustees and the Fairfield County Commissioners to carry out a wide variety of engineering duties.  However, the County Engineer is specifically exempt from any duties involving public buildings.  The Fairfield County Engineer participates in the Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission a member of its Technical Review Committee and the Transportation Committee. In unincorporated areas, the Fairfield County Engineer is also involved in establishment and maintenance of petitioned and assessed ditches.

The Fairfield County Engineer's Office maintains survey records and currently provides a rural house numbering system.  The County Engineer also has a permit process for any work within the County Road right-of-way.

Professional Engineer (P.E.) & Professional Surveyor (P.S.)

In Ohio, only persons who are registered Professional Engineers and registered Professional Surveyors qualify for the Office of County Engineer. The County Engineer is an elective office with a four year term.
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