All mailbox units, attachments, supports, and the installations hereof, are to be in strict compliance with U.S. Postal and County Regulations.

All supports for rural mailboxes shall be of the breakaway type.
Examples of satisfactory mailbox supports are:
  4" x 4" timber post
  4-1/2" round timber post
  2" inner diameter standard strength steel pipe (2-3/8" outer diameter)

Mailbox posts shall not be set in concrete

The leading edge of the mailbox itself shall be 2-1/2' minimum from the edge of the pavement.

There shall be no planting (other than grass) around the mailbox.

Maintenance responsibilities for the installation are forever the responsibility of the property owner.

Property owner must call the Ohio Utilities Protection Services at 1-800-362-2764 before digging.

Permittee herein understands and agrees to hold Fairfield County, Ohio harmless and agrees to indemnify Fairfield County, Ohio from any and all liability of whatever kind of nature which may arise as a result of Permittee's activities on the right-of-way belonging to Fairfield County, Ohio.

Permittee must notify the Roadway Services Technician at 740-652-2300 that the mailbox installation is complete and ready for final inspection.