Engineer's Office:
Address Number Request
In order to ensure sequential address numbering now and in the future, it is extremely important that the Engineer’s Office be able to accurately identify the exact location for the address assignment per the address numbering process. This benefits emergency services, delivery services, etc. in locating a person.

The Fairfield County Engineer's Office is responsible for assigning all rural address numbers in Fairfield County.  This includes those for all townships, unincorporated villages, and the incorporated villages of Millersport, Rushville, Stoutsville and Thurston.  We also assign address numbers on a few roads in Lithopolis and Lancaster.

Before completing an for a new number, the property must have an approved deed, and the structure location being addressed is to be staked out.  It is best that tall stakes are used so that they can be seen from the road.  Along with a copy of the deed, the following information is to be submitted by the applicant:  tax mailing address, phone number, and a brief description of the property location.  The number is then determined by actual field measurements.   We make every effort to respond to the customer within ten (10) working days.

Other important points:

If the deed is not in the name of the applicant or the lot is not staked, we may not issue the number.

The county is divided by central baselines, one that runs north and south dissecting the county and the same for a central east and west baseline, thus dividing the county in four quarters.  The four quarters, or quadrants, are designated as NW (northwest), NE (northeast), SW (southwest) and SE (southeast).  Since some roads are in more than one quadrant, those initials are used after the road name in the address designating the quadrant that section of road is located.  These must be used to avoid delivery confusion.

For major subdivisions, rural numbers are not made until the approved plat has been recorded in the Recorder's Office.

Typically, the number is issued to the house and not the driveway. In some cases, if the house is obscured, the number is issued to the driveway. We will generally not issue numbers to a vacant lot.

When the field work is completed, we will mail a completed form to the land owner or person who requested the new number, unless they request to be notified for pick-up.

If you have any questions, please contact our Roadway Services Technician at 740-652-2389 or Email.

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