Regional Planning Commission
Farmland Preservation

Farmland is necessary for the production of food and fiber. However, it also benefits the community-at-large by providing open space, ground water recharge areas and wildlife habitat. Farmland, compared to other open space, provides a tax base that other preserved lands do not and uses significantly fewer services than developed land. Studies have shown that farmland uses significantly fewer services and therefore less tax money than it pays compared to developed land. Agriculture provides jobs and supports related services and industries crucial to the economic well being of the community.

Farmland Preservation is not about stopping development.  It is about balancing our economic growth and development while protecting the economic base of our agricultural industry, thus preserving the rural character of our community.  The Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission is actively working with several agencies for the protection of this vital resource.
Farmland Preservation in
Fairfield County
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Fairfield County Agricultural
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