My company submitted an invoice to Fairfield County. Has it been paid?

Invoices are submitted to the Auditor's office for payment after they are approved for payment by the Board of County Commissioners. If you have questions about a submitted invoice, please contact the department of agency with which you dealt first. Then, if you haven't been satisfied:

Contact: Finance Department of the Auditor's office at 740-652-7040.

Following are telephone numbers for some of the larger Fairfield County agencies' fiscal offices:

The County warrant (check) states that it must be presented within 60 days to receive payment.
What if the warrant (check) is more than 60 days old?

If you try to deposit or cash a warrant (check) that is older than 60 days, it may not be honored when presented for redemption. Stale-dated warrants are paid periodically into unclaimed funds. To find out if a specific warrant can be presented for payment or if it has become stale-dated, call 740-652-7045.

How can I obtain a listing of unclaimed funds?

A listing of all stale-dated warrants currently held in unclaimed funds is available by visiting the Ohio Department of Commerce.

I am planning to relocate to Fairfield County.
What is the County's employment tax rate?

Fairfield County does not impose an income tax on wage earners. Various municipalities and school districts within the County have their own employment taxes. Call the specific political subdivision to learn the current tax rate.