Auditor's Office: New Construction

Dear Property Owner,

As the global effect of Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to evolve, the Fairfield County Auditor’s office is firmly committed to the health and safety of those we serve as well as our employees. These times have caused many of us to make changes to the way we conduct our daily business. We are committed to finding ways to continue to complete our duties as public servants while maintaining the highest regard for health and safety protocols. One of our essential duties is listing, describing, and valuing real estate.

Reasons for our reviews include new construction of homes, additions to homes, remodeling activities, outbuildings, pools, etc. We are informed of these changes via local permitting processes, zoning applications, as well as reporting from homeowners and those involved in the real estate profession. You may see members of our office in your community performing field activities. All staff members will be clearly identifiable. Members of our staff will be driving lettered vehicles with my signature on the doors. Employees will have clothing with the county seal on them as well as wearing identification badges. We will conduct field visits in the following manner:

1). We will knock on the door of the home. Once we have knocked, we will stand at a safe acceptable distance from your doorway. If you are home and choose to answer, we will inform you of our reasons for visiting the property. If you are not home or choose not to answer we will leave a doorhanger behind and will continue our work from the exterior of your home.

2). We will walk around the exterior of the home taking measurements as we go.

3). We will take any photographs necessary to supplement our database of current images.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have regarding our field visits or the general valuation process.

Jon A. Slater, Jr.