Fairfield County
Utilities: Contact Information
Tony J. Vogel, P.E., Director
p: 614-322-5200 / Email
Administrative Office:
Fairfield County Utilities
6670 Lockville Road
Carroll, Ohio 43112
P: 614-322-5200
P: 740-652-7120
F: 614-322-5203
Fairfield County Utilities, Lancaster, Ohio
Tony J. Vogel, P.E., Director
Fairfield County Utilities, Carroll, Ohio
Utilities: Administrative Staff
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or fax us at the two main office numbers:

     614-322-5200 or  740-652-7120  Phone
     614-322-5203 or 740-652-7129  Fax

You can also stop by our Main Office:
6670 Lockville Road, Carroll, OH 43112 (view map)
Tony Vogel, Director (email)
Don Rector, Deputy Director, Operations (email)
Sophia Boyer, Deputy Director, Finance & Administration (email)
Jody Altman, Administrative Coordinator
Utilities:  Office Staff
Akela George, Customer Service/Billing Representative
Kayla Six, Customer Service Representative
Roger Donnell, Chief Water Operator (email)
Berry McCain, Water Operator
Brad Dittoe, Water Operator
Mason Bader, Water Operator
Kelly Wotruba, Water Operator In Training
Utilities:  Water Division
Jason Conrad, Chief Water Reclamation Operator (email)
Ross Davis, Wastewater Operator
Kyle O'Hare, Wastewater Operator
Steve Russell, Wastewater Operator
Mike Burnworth, Wastewater Operator in Training
Utilities:  Water Reclamation Division (Sewer)
Utilities:  Maintenance Division Collection/Distribution
Ted Schmelzer, Supervisor (email)
Dan Finck, District/Collection Worker
Bret Lovas, District/Collection Worker
Utilities:  Construction Division
Josh Anders, Field Engineer (email)
Mike Huff, Supervisor (email)
Utilities:  Lab
Diana Liston, Lab Analyst (email)
Fairfield County, Ohio
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Fairfield County Utility Online Payment
Mail Payment:
Fairfield County Utilities
PO Box 2052
Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050-7252

24hr. Drop Box:
6670 Lockville Road
Carroll, Ohio 43112
Fairfield National Bank
2900 Col-Lanc Rd.
Lancaster (In Meijer)
Payment Locations:
• Any Fairfield National Bank location including:
Park National Bank     
1274 Hill Road North
(In Sherman Center)