Utilities: Contact Information
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or fax us at the two main office numbers:

     614-322-5200 or  740-652-7120  Phone
     614-322-5203 or 740-652-7129  Fax

You can also stop by our Main Office:
6670 Lockville Road, Carroll, OH 43112 (view map)

Lockville Road & Fairfield County Utilities: Access to/from US 33 to Close
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Utilities: Administrative Staff
Tony Vogel, Director (email)
Don Rector, Deputy Director, Operations (email)
Sophia Boyer, Deputy Director, Finance & Administration (email)
Jody Altman, Administrative Coordinator
Utilities: Office Staff
Akela George, Customer Service/Billing Representative
Kayla Six, Customer Service Representative
Utilities:  Water Division
Roger Donnell, Chief Water Operator (email)
Berry McCain, Water Operator
Brad Dittoe, Water Operator
Mason Bader, Water Operator
Kelly Wotruba, Water Operator In Training
Utilities:  Water Reclamation Division (Sewer)
Jason Conrad, Chief Water Reclamation Operator (email)
Ross Davis, Wastewater Operator
Kyle O'Hare, Wastewater Operator
Steve Russell, Wastewater Operator
Utilities:  Maintenance Division Collection/Distribution
Ted Schmelzer, Supervisor (email)
Dan Finck, District/Collection Worker
Bret Lovas, District/Collection Worker
Utilities:  Construction Division
Josh Anders, Field Engineer (email)
Mike Huff, Supervisor (email)
Utilities:  Lab
Diana Liston, Lab Analyst (email)