swimming pool, water hose
Fairfield County Utilities offers an adjustment on the sewer usage when a swimming pool is filled (one adjustment per year).

A pool adjustment means you will pay for the water used, but the sewer charges related to the pool filling will be credited.

A pool fill (sewer deduct) meter can be picked up for use through Fairfield County Utilities at 6670 Lockville Road, Carroll, OH. 

The County has a limited number of pool fill (sewer deduct) meters available and demand for them is high, especially during peak season.

Please call the Utilities office at 740-652-7120 or 614-322-5200 to verify the availability of a meter before picking up.

All meters must be returned no later than 7 days from the date of receipt. The account adjustment will be reduced $10.00 for a late return of a meter. If meter is not returned within 14 days, your account will be billed $150.00 for the replacement cost of the meter or if it is found to be damaged.

The customer account balance must be current to receive a pool adjustment (no past due balances).

Pool adjustments are credited after the pool adjustment is processed.  It will appear on a future billing (not the bill the pool filling charges were incurred).

Only one pool filling/partial filling will be credited on your bill in a calendar year.