Fairfield County, in accordance with the Ohio Public Records Act, maintains open and accessible public records available for inspection and copying. Public records can be reviewed during regular business hours, with the exception of published holidays. Public records requests will be promptly fulfilled within a reasonable time period. Records kept by Fairfield County offices are accessible by the public unless they are exempt from disclosure under Ohio law.

Not all parts of records are accessible by law. For example, a document can have certain parts “redacted”, meaning sensitive names and details need to be removed for various reasons.

Please note: When making a request for public records, you are under no obligation to provide your name, address or the intended use of the requested public record.

Fairfield County public records requests can be made by:

  • Contacting the department from which public records are requested
  • Submitting a request to
    When submitting to Rochelle Menningen, you may be redirected to submit to the department or agency which retains your records.
  • Mailing your request to:

     Rochelle Menningen, Commissioners’ Clerk

     210 East Main Street, Room 301

     Lancaster, Ohio 43130