In addition to the prosecution of adult offenders, the prosecuting attorney is also responsible for juvenile cases and matters. This typically involves two types of cases.

The first involves the prosecution of juveniles accused of a criminal offense or other violation of law. This behavior can range from school truancy and traffic citations to homicide. The emphasis in these cases is insuring the safety of the community and fashioning sentences for juveniles that will correct their offending behavior. Serious offenders require separation from the community in facilities such as the multi-county juvenile detention center or institutions of the Ohio Department of Youth Services during rehabilitation. The Fairfield County Juvenile Court has many and varied programs to provide offending juveniles with the necessary skills to lead a law-abiding and productive life.

The second is known commonly as an abuse, neglect, or dependency cases. The prosecuting attorney works with Child Protective Services workers to initiate legal proceedings aimed at securing the safety and welfare of abused, neglected and dependent children in Fairfield County. This includes a variety of services ranging from medical care, foster care, and court supervision. This may also involve seeking permanent legal custody of children, frequently with the consent of the natural parents, so that they can be placed for adoption.