One of the chief responsibilities of the prosecuting attorney is to prosecute felony offenders for crimes committed in Fairfield County. Most criminal prosecutions begin with a report to a local police agency stating that a crime has been committed. The police investigate and, where appropriate, refer the case to the prosecuting attorney for criminal charges. In more complex cases, prosecutors work directly with police over a period of weeks or months to investigate a case. The case is then presented to the grand jury for the approval of charges.

Once charges are filed, the prosecuting attorney or one of his assistants will appear to litigate the case before the trial court. This may involve initial appearances, motion hearings, plea and sentencing hearings, and of course trials. Many cases are appealed which may require an appearance before the court of appeals, the Ohio Supreme Court, or even the United States Supreme Court.

The Criminal Division prosecutes all adult felony offenses that occur in the county. This includes offenses such as murder, rape, burglary, drug trafficking and possession, and grand theft. The mission of the prosecuting attorney and his assistants in the process is to work with police to seek justice for the citizens of Fairfield County and the victims impacted by those crimes.