It is imperative that all work-related accidents are reported to Human Resources immediately at:
740-652-7898 or 740-652-7893
Email: /

Since 1912, Ohio's worker's compensation system has helped employers and employees cope with workplace injuries by providing medical and compensation benefits for work-related injuries, diseases and deaths. The Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) has a central office in Columbus and 16 customer service offices located across the state. You may access the BWC web site at:

Instructions for reporting and seeking medical attention for a work-related injury.

• Immediately notify your employer.
• Complete the employee sections of the "Injury Reporting Packet"
• Seek treatment from a Careworks network provider, First Medical Urgent Family Care or Fairfield Medical Center in cases of true emergencies, or any BWC-Certified provider.
• Present the Careworks I.D. card (from the injury reporting packet) to each medical provider that treats your work related injury.

• Complete the employer sections of the "Injury Reporting Packet" paperwork, focusing on the "injury fact sheet," and the "statement of witness form."
Notify Human Resources of the injury immediately by phone or e-mail. Send all completed forms from the Injury Reporting Packet as soon as possible.
• Complete a "Supervisor Report of Return to Work," for every change of an employee's medical status pertaining to work restrictions after each follow up appointment. Send a copy of each report to Human Resources.