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Conditions for Broadcasting, Televising, Recording and Photographing Sessions of Court

RULE 12 of The Rules of Superintendence for The Courts Of Ohio

A. Presiding judge.

The judge assigned to the trial or hearing shall permit the broadcasting or recording by electronic means and the taking of photographs in court proceedings that are open to the public as provided by Ohio law. After consultation with the media, the judge shall specify the place or places in the courtroom where the operators and equipment are to be positioned. Requests for permission for the broadcasting, televising, recording, or taking of photographs in the courtroom shall be in writing and the written order of the judge shall be made a part of the record of the proceedings.

B. Permissible equipment and operators.
1. Use of more than one portable television, videotape, or movie camera with one operator shall be allowed only with the permission of the judge.

2. Not more than one still photographer shall be permitted to photograph trial proceedings without permission of the judge. Still photographers shall be limited to two cameras with two lenses for each camera.

3. For radio broadcast purposes, not more than one audio system shall be permitted in court. Where available and suitable, existing audio pickup systems in the court facility shall be used by the media. If existing audio pickup systems are not available, microphones and other electronic equipment necessary for the audio pickup shall be as inconspicuous as possible but shall be visible.

4. Visible audio recording equipment may be used by news media reporters with the prior permission of the judge.

5. Arrangements between or among media for “pooling” of equipment shall be the responsibility of the media representative authorized to cover the proceeding. “Pooling” arrangements are to be made outside the courtroom and without imposing on the judge or court personnel. If disputes arise over arrangements between or among media representatives, the judge may exclude all contesting representatives from the proceedings.

6. The judge shall prohibit the use of electronic or photographic equipment that produces distracting sound or light. No artificial lighting other than that normally used in the courtroom shall be employed, provided that, if the normal lighting in the courtroom can be improved without becoming obtrusive, the judge may permit modification.

7. Still photographers and television and radio representatives shall be afforded a clear view but shall not be permitted to move about in the courtroom during court proceedings from the places where they have been positioned by the judge, except to leave or enter the courtroom.

C. Limitations.
1. There shall be no audio pickup or broadcast of conferences conducted in a court facility between attorneys and clients or co-counsel or of conferences conducted at the bench between counsel and the judge.

2. The judge shall inform victims and witnesses of their right to object to being filmed, videotaped, recorded, or photographed.

3. This rule shall not be construed to grant media representatives any greater rights than permitted by law.

4. Media representatives shall not be permitted to transmit or record anything other than the court proceedings from the courtroom while the court is in session

D. Revocation of permission.
Media representatives shall not be permitted to transmit or record anything other than the court proceedings from the courtroom while the court is in session.

Request for Permission to Broadcast

Direct all media related questions to the Court Bailiffs.