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Common Pleas Court: Judgment Entries

Selected Civil Judgment Entries December 2011

This list constitutes only those decisions which the Court has selected to be published to its website based on factors including: the novelty or importance of the legal issues, the frequency with which similar issues arise, or the application of law to a novel set of facts. All decisions of the Court are filed with the Clerk of Courts and are available for public inspection at that office.

Brown v. Hardy; 10CV829 (Trial Decision; Warranty & Fraudulent Representation)
DiFiore, Admr. v. State Farm Mut. Auto Ins. Co.;11CV937 (Dismiss Direct Claim Against Insurer)
BAC Home Loans Serv. v. Khan; 11CV10 (Foreclosure; Motion to Strike)
Heaston v. Hopke;10CV1281 (Premises Liability; Status of Entrant; Open and Obvious)
Lanfair Center for Rehab & Nursing Care v. Doran; 11CV946
  (Mot. to Dismiss; Nursing Home Suit for Payment)
Fairfield County, Ohio
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