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Common Pleas Court: Judgment Entries

Selected Civil Judgment Entries October 2011

This list constitutes only those decisions which the Court has selected to be published to its website based on factors including: the novelty or importance of the legal issues, the frequency with which similar issues arise, or the application of law to a novel set of facts. All decisions of the Court are filed with the Clerk of Courts and are available for public inspection at that office.

Missler v. Kruszynski; 09CV4 (Action on Contract; Motion for Summary Judgment)
Bonkowski v. Fairfield Med. Ctr.; 10CV1474 (Summary Judgment; Lack of Expert Testimony)
Seesholtz v. Certified Oil; 11CV97 (Slip and fall; Ice and snow)
Sigman v. Genshaft; 10CV761 (Legal Malpractice; Statute of Limitations)
Beneficial Fin. v. Armentrout; 10CV1162 (Mot. for Summary Judgment; Debt Collection)
Chase Home Fin. v. Cotner; 11CV233 (Dismiss Claims for Predatory Lending)
Lan-Fair Fed. Credit Union v. Centres Kentucky;
06CV1069  (Motion to Modify Easement; Motion for Sanctions)
Fairfield County, Ohio
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