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Q. Is my notary commission, issued in Fairfield County, good only in Fairfield County?
A. As of 1977 notary commissions became valid statewide; however, a notary is required to apply for and renew the commission in the notaryís resident county.

Q. When notarizing a document, must an individual personally appear before me in order for me to notarize the document?
A. Yes, the affiant must personally appear before the notary and show proper identification. A court held that the failure of a notary public to obtain some evidence of identification independent of a strangerís representation is negligence as a matter of law.

Q. What is the most money I can charge as a notary for any single signature I notarize?
A. A notary may charge for a notarization of a signature a fee equal to that allowed by law to clerks of the courts of common pleas for like services, currently $2.00 for administering each oath. For affidavits, a notary may charge $1.50 and $2.00 for each acknowledgement.

Q. Can I notarize my spouseís or a family memberís signature?
A. A notary may take the acknowledgement of a relative, even a spouse, if the notary has no interest in the transaction.

Q. My name has changed since I have obtained my notary commission. Can I still notarize documents?
A. Notaries whose names have changed during their tenure of office and who have not obtained a commission in the notaryís new name may continue to perform duties as a notary. The notary must, however, indicate the name in which the commission was issued in parenthesis after the new name on each document notarized.

Q. My notary commission has already expired. Can I still renew my commission?
A. Here in Fairfield County, the Court will renew your notary commission up to six months after your expiration date.