Fairfield County
Elected Officials
Fairfield County Auditor
Jon A. Slater, Jr.
Phone Department List
Email: jslater@co.fairfield.oh.us
Website: http://www.co.fairfield.oh.us/auditor

Fairfield County Clerk of Courts
Branden C. Meyer
P: 740-652-7360
Email: bmeyer@co.fairfield.oh.us
Website: http://www.fairfieldcountyclerk.com/

Fairfield County Commissioners
Steve Davis
Email: sdavis@co.fairfield.oh.us
Mike Kiger
Email: mkiger@co.fairfield.oh.us
David L. Levacy
P: 740-652-7090 / 614-322-5260
Email: dlevacy@co.fairfield.oh.us
Website: http://www.co.fairfield.oh.us/COMMISH/

Fairfield County Common Pleas
Judge Berens
Judge Trimmer
P: 740-652-7421
Website: http://www.co.fairfield.oh.us/Commonpleas/

Fairfield County Coroner
Dr. Thomas R. Vajen, M.D.
P: 740-652-2865 / 740-687-6774
Website: http://www.co.fairfield.oh.us/coroner

Fairfield County Domestic Relations
Judge Laura B. Smith
P: 740-652-7440
Website:  http://www.co.fairfield.oh.us/dr/

Fairfield County Engineer
Jeremiah D. Upp, P.E., P.S.
P: 740-652-2300
Email: engineer@fceo.org
Website: http://www.fceo.org/

Fairfield County Juvenile/Probate Court
Judge Terre L. Vandervoort
P: 740-652-7212
Email: juvenileprobate@co.fairfield.oh.us
Website: http://www.fairfieldcountyprobate.com

Fairfield County Prosecutor
Attorney: Gregg Marx
P: 740-652-7560  / 614-322-5265
Email: gmarx@co.fairfield.oh.us
Website: http://www.co.fairfield.oh.us/prosecutor

Fairfield County Recorder
Gene Wood
P: 740-652-7100
Email: gwood@co.fairfield.oh.us
Website: https://www.uslandrecords.com/ohlr3

Fairfield County Sheriff
Sheriff Dave Phalen
Phone  Directory List
P: 740-652-7900 / 614-322-5250
Website: http://www.sheriff.fairfield.oh.us/

Fairfield County Treasurer
James N. Bahnsen
P: 740-652-7140
Website: http://www.co.fairfield.oh.us/TREASURER/
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