Information Technology: Data board
Data Board Agenda
Date: Monday, January 14, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Commissioners Hearing Room
Sheriff RC-3
Health Environmental RC-3
Health Nursing RC-3
Dog Shelter RC-3
Commissioners RC-3
• Proposal concerning cyber security training
• New Business
• Around the Table
• Parking Lot
  • ESS and Timekeeping
  • Strategic Needs for Technology survey
  • IT Update
    • Windows 7 End of Life
    • Infrastructure
    • Cybersecurity - KnowBe4 Warning Example
    • Office 365
    • IT Contacts
    • County IT Collaboration
    • MAPSYS style tools
    • Unified modern communication presence (social media, web, etc.)
• Building Updates
• Adjourn

How To Fill In an RC-3 Guide by Mark Conrad
Blank RC-2 Form (Records Retention Schedule)
RC-2 Instructions from Ohio History Connection
Blank RC-3 (Records Disposal)
RC-3 Instructions from Ohio History Connection
Ohio History Connection Local Government Records Program

Just The Basics Handout
Just The Basics Presentation
NAGARA Records Management Technical Bulletins
Auditor of State Open Government Unit
Attorney General Public Records Access
Ohio History Fund
Records Retention Schedules (RC-2)

Auditor  (10/22/2012)
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County Wide General Schedule
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Information Technology: Meeting Minutes
Information Technology: Forms + Information
Central Authentication Identity Forms:
Application for Central Authentication Identity
(Please note that all employees, contractors, volunteers, and any other individuals who will access a Fairfield County computer system *must* complete an Application for Central Authentication Identity before being granted access to the network.)

Request for Termination of Central Authentication Identity
(Whenever an individual is terminated (including retirement, expiration of contract, discontinuing volunteering, etc.), a Request for Termination of Central Authentication Identity must be filed.)

For users having an Exchange/OWA mailbox:
Getting your email from a remote location
Opening a Shared Calendar in Outlook 2010

Forwarding Your Pay Advice to an Outside Email Account:
Outlook Web App  • Outlook 2010  • Outlook 2007

Forwarding All Incoming Mail to an Outside Email Account:
Outlook Web App

IT Procurement Information
Policy Definition
Standards and Requirements
Generally Approved or Rejected Items