Death Certificates
The Coroner provides certain information used in completing the death certificate for any decedent under the Coroner’s care.  The Coroner does not issue death certificates.  Information on obtaining a copy of a death certificate for a death that occurred in Fairfield county  can be obtained by contacting the Fairfield County Health Department.

Coroner’s Report
A Coroner’s Report is a public document available by written request. It contains identifying information, place of death, manner and cause of death and a summary of the significant findings of the autopsy if performed. The Coroner may order that an Autopsy be completed in some cases and this is also considered a public record. 

A Coroner’s Report may be requested in writing by postal mail, fax, or email. The report will be promptly mailed as soon as the case is completed. A Coroner’s Report is only available for release when all the results of testing are available.  There is no fee for an individual request. If an autopsy was ordered during the investigation process the final report may take 12-16 weeks to complete. Toxicology studies, if ordered, may take 8-10 weeks to complete.