Human Resources: Employment Training
Fairfield County
Jeffrey Porter

Human Resources Director
P: 740-652-7895 / F: 740-652-7896

Cassie Strickler
Human Resources Benefits Specialist
P: 740-652-7893 / F: 740-652-7896

Justin Grant                                             
Human Resources/Risk Management Specialist                     
P: 740-652-7898 / F: 740-652-7896
County Courthouse
210 East Main Street, Room 106
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Fairfield County Human Resources
Human Resources
Employee Development
"CORSA University" computer based interactive training is free for all County employees. Visit the site, select "create an account" establish an I.D. and proceed with the training.

Employee Video Resources
CREST Training }
view (1st) video / view (2nd) video / view (3rd) video / view (4th) video
(Civilian Response to Emergency Situation Training)

Ohio Ethics Law
Fairfield County, Ohio
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