The process for completing commercial construction projects under the building department’s jurisdiction consists of the following steps:

1. Application & submittal of construction plans and documents
2. Plan review and permit issued
3. Construction and inspection
4. Final approval-certificate of occupancy

It is critically important to note that the building department is not the only entity which may have jurisdiction over any particular project. Other entities with possible jurisdiction include:

Various townships in Fairfield County have authority over zoning and land use.

The Fairfield Department of Health is the authority having jurisdiction over plumbing and private water supply, and private sewage disposal systems.

There are multiple water and/or sewer districts that service the unincorporated  areas.

The Fairfield County Engineer is the authority having jurisdiction over county roads.

The Fairfield County Regional Planning Commission is the authority having jurisdiction for subdivision and floodplain development.

We encourage applicants to contact all applicable entities.

Fairfield County Building Department Forms

- Contractor Registration
- Fee Schedule
- Permit Application

Fairfield County Building Department Links
- Health Department
   - Plumbing Permits + Contractors
- Zoning Inspectors