James N. Bahnsen, Treasurer
Fairfield County Treasurer, Lancaster, Ohio.
Fairfield County Treasurer, Lancaster, Ohio.
Fairfield Co. Treasurer, James N. Bahnsen
James N. Bahnsen
Fairfield Co. Treasurer

Treasurer's Duties
Contact Information:
Fairfield County Treasurer
210 East Main Street, Room 206
Lancaster, OH 43130

General Information:
Bad Checks
Delinquent Tax Payment
Remission of Penalty
Address Changes
Tax Bill Information
Please Contact 740-652-7140

Personal Property
P: 740-652-7140
Manufactured Homes Tax
P: 740-652-7150
Treasurer's Office: Tax Due Dates
Fairfield County
All first half real estate taxes are due to the Treasurer's Office 
   no later than February 15, 2018.

All second half real estate taxes are due to the Treasurer's Office 
  no later than July 19, 2018.
Fairfield County, Ohio
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