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Krystina Van Meter
Office Operations and Dispatch Officer

My name is Krystina Van Meter and I am the Officer Operation and Dispatch Coordinator at the shelter. I graduated in 2015 with my Bachelors in Criminal Justice and I have been with the shelter since September of 2015. I have always had a compassion for animals of all kinds. Working at the shelter has given me the opportunity to help the dogs of Fairfield County in finding their homes. It is truly amazing to be able to take part in this experience and I couldnít imagine being anywhere else. As you can see, the two dogs in the picture are the dogs I come home to. While our house is hectic with having the dogs, 3 children, and other animals, we wouldnít have it any other way.
Jeremy Grant
Field Coordinator and Deputy Dog Warden

My name is Jeremy Grant and I am a Deputy Dog Warden with the Fairfield County Dog Shelter. Iíve been a part of the team since September of 2013. I love what I do because I become a voice for those animals that are voiceless. I am a Nationally Certified Animal Control Officer and a Certified Humane Officer.
Riley Hamilton
Deputy Dog Warden

My name is Riley Hamilton, and I have been with the Shelter since October 2016. I have enjoyed working as a Deputy Dog Warden and helping the dogs of the community. I recently adopted my only dog from the shelter in April 2017. Her name is Betty and she is a bulldog. Betty and I enjoy going for walks and hiking through the woods.
Courtney Conroy-Shade
Customer Service Specialist

My name is Courtney, and I have been with the Shelter since April 2017. I have one dog of my own her name is Leia (Princess Leia). She is very protective of our family, and best friends with my 4 boys. My passion is helping others, and being at the shelter I am able to help both people and dogs of the community. Some days can be more challenging than others, but nothing beats seeing the excitement between a shelter dog and his/her new family. I believe every dog deserves love and compassion, and being here I am able to help them find that.
Todd McCullough
Dog Warden and Adoption Center Director

My name is Todd McCullough and I have been the Fairfield County Dog Warden since August of 2013. I am a certified Animal Control Officer and an OPOTA certified Humane Agent. I received my undergraduate degrees from Ohio University and my Masterís Degree in Public Administration from the Kent State University School of Political Science. I have tried to instill a culture within our organization that focuses on integrity, transparency, and commitment to service. Through continuous improvement our team aims to perform better each day while continually learning. I love what I do because I get the pleasure of helping so many great dogs in their journey and I have the opportunity to try to provide a voice for the voiceless. I also love helping the people, families, and businesses of Fairfield County.

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Fairfield County Dog Shelter - Lancaster, Ohio
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