We aim to reunite as many families with their lost dog(s) as possible. We love dogs and know dogs love to run, play, and have fun...but sometimes they can get a little carried away and end up in a situation where they had too much fun and can't find their way back home!

If you or someone you know is missing their dog, always check with the shelter to see if their furry family member ended up here. Call us, fill out a lost dog report, and stop into the shelter for a walk-through for the strays on hold. If your dog is found here, there will be a fee for redeeming that depends on the amount of time the dog has been at the shelter if the dog has a current-year license, and what the offense is.
If the dog does not have a current-year license, then we will work with the owner on licensing the dog at the time of redemption, as well as the remaining fees involved (if applicable), before the dog can leave the shelter. Per the Ohio Revised Code, 955.01, every person who owns, keeps, or harbors a dog must have it registered for a one-year, three-year, or permanent registration. Late fees may apply for licenses purchased outside of licensing season.

1st offense
2nd offense
3rd offense
Daily boarding fee
*Offenses can increase beyond the 3rd offense if your dog is a frequent flyer*
The Fairfield County Dog Adoption Center and Shelter only sells 1-year licenses. If your dog is not currently licensed and will need to be licensed during the redemption process, they will be issued a 1-year tag.
1-Year Altered
1-Year Altered Late
1-Year Unaltered
1-Year Unaltered Late
*Price is per dog tag*