The Fairfield County Dog Adoption Center & Shelter was first established in 1939 at 1721 Granville Pike in Lancaster, Ohio. This building was under the direction of past Dog Wardens, Richard Tesi and Jerry Henderson. The current location of the Fairfield County Dog Shelter is right next door at 1715 Granville Pike in Lancaster. The new building was built in the year 2000 and along with it came a new Dog Warden, Mike Miller Sr. who was the Chief Deputy Dog Warden under Henderson. The new location increased the number of dogs we are able to shelter by going from only 18 kennels to 52. Under Miller one of the most controversial things about the shelter’s history, which was the euthanasia of dogs by gas chamber was switched over to the more humane method of Euthanasia by Injection.

Mike Miller remained at the new facility as the Dog Warden until August of 2013. At that time Mr. Miller was set to retire and his replacement, an Ohio University graduate was brought in. Todd McCullough took over and began training for the Dog Warden position in late August of 2013. With Mr. McCullough came the beginning of a new era for the Dog Shelter as well as an entirely new staff. The mission and purpose written above were created by the new staff coming in. Many changes have taken place in the last few years as a result. The shelter’s name officially changed to the Fairfield County Dog Adoption Center and Shelter. The organization also rolled out a new logo along with the new name.

The Law Enforcement officers got a new look with new uniforms, truck branding, and also a new set of Standard Operating Procedures written with the recommendations of local prosecutors. The rest of the shelter also got new Standard Operating Procedures that are based in best practices of customer service and animal care. All staff receives comprehensive training for the area that they will be working in that is taken from national training resources and research in best practices. All supervisors at the facility are Nationally Certified Animal Control and Humane Officers and also Certified Humane Officers in the State of Ohio.

FCDACS has also increased its community outreach significantly. This volunteer program was the first step and from there many community partnerships have been created. Some of our partnerships include, but are not limited to; The Fairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities Job Fusion, Southeastern Correctional Complex-Lancaster, Ohio University-Lancaster, and several local Veterinarian offices.

The shelter itself has gotten a facelift with old signage removed, new paint and flooring in all the offices and public areas. There is artwork that has been donated by the Southeastern Correctional Complex lining the walls of the kennel area. There are new windows in the kennel area that did not exist before. There are also colorful sound baffles hanging from the ceiling to cut down on the reverberation of barking that were gained from a BWC Safety Grant.

There are too many changes and innovations to list here, however please feel free during your volunteer time with us to ask a supervisor to give you a full historical tour. Just know that everything that has been done, every change has been in order to better protect, shelter, and serve our community and fulfill our mission and purpose.  We are glad that you are here to help us move that mission even further forward into what the future holds.