Domestic Relations

Court Forms
• Uniform Ohio Domestic Relations Forms
• Domestic Violence Protection Order Forms

Please read these forms carefully as each form indicates the other forms that are required to be filed.

that Affidavit 4 (Health Insurance Affidavit) is also required to be filed with any Complaint for Divorce with Children, Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (with children), Motion for Change of Parental Rights and Responsibilities, and/or Motion for Change of Child Support, Medical Support, Tax Exemption or Other Child-Related Expenses.

IN ADDITION, a Child Support Computation Worksheet (found below under Other Forms) must be filed with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (with children).


Dissolution and Divorce Document Checklist
Notice of Filing for the Family File
• Fairfield County Standard Mutual Restraining Order
• Fairfield County Standard Visitation Schedule - Local Rule 17
• Fairfield County Motion for Continuance
• Fairfield County Notice of Dismissal
• Fairfield County Request for Court Recordings
• Fairfield County Notice of Residential Parent’s Intent to Relocate
• Child Support Computation Worksheet
• Basic Child Support Schedule
• Cash Medical Support Schedule
• SETS - Child Support Information Form
• Statutory Notices
• Planning for Parenting Time: Ohio’s Guide for Parents Living Apart