To promote and enhance the quality and professionalism of
Ohio's county boards of revisions.
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Carri L. Brown, PhD, MBA, CGFM
Fairfield County Auditor


Welcome to the Ohio Board of Revision Resource Center (“OBORRC”), a project of the Fairfield County Auditor's Office.  OBORRC’s mission is simple: to promote and enhance the quality and professionalism of Ohio’s county boards of revision.  This website is designed to disseminate decisions of Ohio's Board of Tax Appeals (“BTA”) and other information intended to educate and inform those who serve on, are employed by, appear before, or otherwise interact with the Fairfield County Board of Revision or any of Ohio's other 87 county boards of revision.  To that end, we will periodically update this site by adding new BTA opinions as they are issued and other materials pertinent to practice before the BOR.

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