James N. Bahnsen, Treasurer
Fairfield County Treasurer, Lancaster, Ohio.
Fairfield County Treasurer, Lancaster, Ohio.
Fairfield Co. Treasurer, James N. Bahnsen
James N. Bahnsen
Fairfield Co. Treasurer

Treasurer's Duties
Contact Information:
Fairfield County Treasurer
210 East Main Street, Room 206
Lancaster, OH 43130

General Information:
Bad Checks
Delinquent Tax Payment
Remission of Penalty
Address Changes
Tax Bill Information
Please Contact 740-652-7140

Personal Property
P: 740-652-7140
Manufactured Homes Tax
P: 740-652-7150
Treasurer's Office: Tax FAQ
Fairfield County
When are real estate taxes due?
All Fairfield County first half taxes will be due to the Treasurerís Office
     by February 15, 2018.
All Fairfield County second half taxes will be due to the Treasurerís Office
    by July 19, 2018.

What are my options to pay my real estate tax bill?
a.Mail the payment in the envelope provided with your tax bill
b.Pay in person at the Fairfield County Treasurerís office
    210 East Main Street, Room 206, Lancaster
c.Pay online using Fairfield Countyís payment center
d.Pay by telephone through Point & Pay,  1-866-874-1680
e.Use the drive-thru or Treasurerís drop box located at
     135 W Chestnut Street, Lancaster - Open three weeks prior to due date only.
What should I do if I didn't receive a tax bill?
Please contact our office at 740-652-7140 to make certain we have your correct mailing address on record, or to see if we have received your bill back in the returned mail. We will gladly send you a printout of your tax information.  Another option is to send in a check for the correct amount due with the parcel number(s) written in the memo portion of your check.  To find out the tax amount due and the parcel number, please go to the Auditor's Property Search page by clicking on the following web link or contact our office 740-652-7140.

I received my tax bill but it was supposed to go to my bank, or vice-versa.
By law, our office must receive a written and signed request for a change of address from the party who was to receive the bill. Please contact your bank or mortgage company to discuss who is going to pay the tax bill before it becomes delinquent. If the bill was delivered to the bank or mortgage company and should be sent to you, please send written notice to the Treasurerís Office of the proper mailing address and indicate the parcel numbers of all property affected. If the bank or mortgage company should receive the bill, please have the bank or mortgage company send in a written request for the bill.

How can I change my mailing address?
State law requires that we have the property owner's signature on the change of address request. A change of address form can be printed from our website completed, signed, and mailed to our office, 210 East Main Street, Room 206, Lancaster, Ohio 43130.

Can I get a receipt for my paid taxes?
Your cancelled check will act as a receipt for tax payments. However, a receipt may be obtained by mailing in both the top and bottom portions of your tax bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.

I didn't receive my tax bill. Can penalties be waived?
No. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse you from paying penalty. Taxes are mailed out in January and June. If you do not receive your bill by the end of January or the middle of June, it is your responsibility to contact our office at 740-652-7140. Also, a notice will appear in the local paper prior to the due date.

Are postmark dates acceptable? When are taxes considered late?
Postal regulations state that the postmark of the due date is to be considered current as long as it is a US Postal Service post mark and good and valid payment is included. Post marks from private postal meters are not accepted. Postdated payments are not accepted.

How much is penalty for paying taxes after the due date?
The penalty is 10% of the current taxes due according to Ohio Revised Code 323.17. Penalty is reduced to 5% for the first ten days from the tax due date. If current taxes become a full year delinquent, penalty is compounded. Interest is added on any prior delinquency July 1st. Interest will be added on December 1st for any unpaid taxes.

Can I appeal the penalty amount?
Yes, though by law, penalties can only be forgiven in certain circumstances. For more information, see Request for Remission of Penalty.

What are the consequences of not paying my taxes?
Once your taxes become delinquent more than a year, the Treasurer may file with the County Prosecutor's Office to sell the property at the Sheriff's Sales/Auction.

Can I pay my delinquent taxes in payments?
You may enter into an agreement with our office that allows you to pay your delinquent taxes in installments, as long as the property is your primary residence and you have not defaulted on a prior payment plan. Please call our Delinquency department at (740) 652-7149 to discuss your delinquency payment plan options.

I don't agree with the value that has been placed on my property. What can I do?
If you would like to file an appeal contesting the valuation of your property, please visit the Auditor's website to download the form or contact the Board of Revision at (740) 652-7020, and you will be sent an appeal form. Upon receipt of your appeal form, the Board will notify you of your hearing date. In most cases, it is not necessary to have an attorney with you and the hearing will take less than an hour. Any information provided by you will be taken into account in reconsidering the appraised value of your property. The deadline for filing appeals is from December after the first half tax bill is mailed to March 31 each year.

What is the tax rate for my taxing district?
You can view a current chart of tax rates by clicking here . Tax rates sheets are also available in the Treasurer's and Auditor's offices. Please contact either office at
740-652-7140 or 740-652-7020 respectively.
Fairfield County, Ohio
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