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Fairfield County Dog Shelter - Lancaster, Ohio
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The services we provide are meant to be in the best interest of the community of Fairfield County and the dogs within it. They are in place to enforce Section 955 of the Ohio Revised Code as well as to keep the public safe. Below are the law enforcement, public safety, and dog redemption/adoption services we provide in detail.

Dog at Large
This refers to a dog that is running loose without owner supervision, in other words a stray dog. When we receive a Dog at Large call we dispatch a Deputy Dog Warden to go to the area and try to either capture and/or return the dog to its owner or if it has no identification, bring it to the shelter for the owner to find.

Dog Bite Investigation/ Report
A Dog Bite report is filled out when a dog bites an individual and breaks the skin and draws blood. In this case Deputies will investigate to understand what might have caused the incident and may write citations on the owner of the dog depending on the circumstances. If ever involved in a dog bite investigation with us some forms you may need are located under our “Forms” tab.

Dangerous/Vicious Dogs
It is a priority of the Fairfield County Dog Shelter to keep the public safe. One way of doing this is making sure that when necessary a dog is deemed as dangerous or vicious. This means that the owner is required to put certain precautions in place that keep the dog contained and the public safe.

We provide the public with the means to license and tag their dogs so that they are in accordance with the laws of Fairfield County and the State of Ohio. This licensure, if worn by the animal on a collar helps ensure the return of the animal to its owner if picked up by Deputies.

If a dog is lost we encourage the public to come in to the shelter and check for their lost dog. If an individual's dog is found here then they will need to pay a fee that depends on the amount of time the dog has been at the shelter. The dog will then be returned to their owner as long as the dog has a current tag. If the dog does not have tags then the owner must buy them at the time of redemption as well as paying the fee. The fees for redemption are:
• 1st offense is $25
• 2nd offense is $50
• 3rd offense is $75
• The daily boarding fee is $10

The dogs that have been at the shelter for more than 3 business days may be put up for adoption to the public. We do this so that unwanted dogs can find a new, loving home. To adopt, a Dog Adoption Form is required and the fee for adoption is $125.00. Visit our “how to adopt” tab in order to learn more!
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